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Common Hosting questions

Q: What is Splash?

A: Splash is the first online marketplace that allows pool owners access to all local pool care service providers. From weekly pool cleanings, opening/closing of your pool, chemical checking, pool maintenance repairs and pool building/construction.

Splash is building a database of every type of pool service provider in every city throughout the United States. We thoroughly vet every contractor to ensure licensing is up to date and we do a deep dive to see if contractors have a squeaky clean service record before being accepted onto the Splash platform. We take a 5% service fee for connecting service providers to you. Meaning if a weekly cleaning service costs $100 we only take $5 (this allows us to remain functional to provide the best experience for you)

Q: How much does platform cost for Service Providers

A: To be accepted on to the Splash Marketplace you must provide up to date records proving you are a licenced pool professional, once you pass our vetting process all service providers will pay an initiation fee of $89.99 and must enter into a 12 month contract at $19.99. Services will include instant exposure to large audience of pool owners increasing overall number of qualified pool leads.

More Q&A coming prior to app launch this Summer!

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